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The checklist below is provided to help hikers doing a self-guided trek for the first-time on their own. Although it might be not precise in detail it still covers a sufficient amount of necessities that should be brought along on a normal inn-to-inn walking holiday (snow conditions and extreme hiking tours not taken into consideration though). Most suppliers of unguided treks and mountainous hut-to-hut walks provide equipment checklist when sending the necessary information for each trek. However in case you find yourself without such pre-departure information and still not sure what to take with you, you can send this checklist to your agent and ask him to tick what would be necessary for your particular vacation.
Remember that you hike without a guide in unknown areas and any shortage or absence of certain items could expose you on a serious danger. Walk prepared and you will enjoy your holiday!

  1. 30-35 or 60-70 Litre rucksack with waterproof liner
  2. 100% waterproof and breathable jacket with hood (not a cape)
  3. 100% waterproof trousers or over-trousers
  4. Comfortable 3-season walking boots with good ankle support
  5. Comfortable walking socks
  6. equipment checklist self-guided walkingWalking poles
  7. Shorts
  8. Short or long sleeve wicking shirt
  9. Gaiters
  10. Sleeping bag
  11. Closed cell foam sleeping mat or self inflating mat
  12. Fleece windstopper jacket
  13. Complete change of clothes
  14. Light sandals
  15. Warm hat and gloves
  16. Water container
  17. Survival bag and whistle
  18. Personal first aid kit
  19. Personal medicines
  20. Water purifying tablets
  21. Torch or headlamp with spare batteries
  22. Small plastic sandwich box
  23. Thermos flask for hot drink
  24. Insect repellent
  25. Map and compass
  26. necessary equipment hut-to-hut trekkingRoadbook/route notes
  27. Sun hat (+ neck cover)
  28. Sun glasses
  29. Sun cream
  30. Lip balm
  31. Camera (with spare batteries), binoculars
  32. Towel (big and small ones)
  33. Soap, gel sanitizer
  34. Ear plugs
  35. Overnight items and toiletries
  36. Tooth brush and toothpaste
  37. Toilet paper and small plastic trowel
  38. Plastic or stainless steel bowl and mug
  39. Spoon
  40. Fork
  41. Knife
  42. Cell phone
  43. GPS (with spare batteries)
  44. Lighter (or sealed matches)
  45. Packed lunch/snacks
  46. Share of group equipment (provided by the supplier if any)

- What is included in the tour price?
- What sorts of accommodations are normally used?
- How difficult the tours are?
- How to make a reservation?
- What is the average group size?
- What is a roadbook?
- How can you get to the starting point?
- How does a typical day look like?
- What should you read before you go there?

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